CB8 wants SNAD split away from Staten Island

With some of Fieldston’s and Riverdale’s greener parts possibly in jeopardy, Charles Moerdler wants to split the SNAD.

Public advocate candidates vow to tackle broken system

The race for public advocate is heating up.

Blood, sweat and bone marrow for future Eagle Scout

Theodore Mitchell is just like your average teenager. He participates in obstacle training known as parkour, taught himself to play guitar and piano, and he’s organizing a bone marrow drive in an effort to save the lives of others.

Hebrew Home center stage for new romantic film short

Tracy Chutorian Semler just couldn’t get her mind off of the Hebrew Home at Riverdale when she wrote her first ever screenplay.

Perry keeps promise

War and peace: Pericles’ fascinating journey from Greece to the Bronx

What started as a graduate school dissertation turned into a very personal project for Perry Rizopoulos.


NYC still treats the Bronx as lower class

It’s 94 acres of park land and water separating Kingsbridge from Norwood. But if anyone wants to access it, they’d need good connections and a security clearance.


Former MC star living the dream

Maeve Parahus knew what she wanted to do as far as a career was concerned from a very young age.

Councilmen push e-bike legalization after crackdown

Joseph Bohm claims there’s no better way to zip through Kingsbridge and Riverdale than on his electric bicycle.

A street named for Loeser’s Deli? It’s now up to CB8

The topic has simmered for some time, kicked around from one committee to another, popping up at one meeting, resurfacing sometime later elsewhere.

Pumping station poses green solution, traffic trouble

Without pumping stations, some Bronx streets not only would be flooded, but a bit stinky too.

Green Scene

That’s no mop walking near the Whitehall — that’s a puli

Walking behind the Whitehall, I saw a black dust mop on a leash ahead of me. Always eager to hear a good story, I struck up a conversation with the owner.

Shakeup at the top brings ‘fresh blood’ to 5-0

There is a new top cop at the 50th Precinct.