Kingsbridge woman's death becomes community's sixth homicide this year

Details are still sketchy, but a Kingsbridge woman's death  Nov. 18 has become the community's sixth homicide of the year.

Parking plight, street muck-up maddens locals

Gary Oliver probably had enough on his mind heading into the holidays. But things took a turn for the worse when the city took a blade to the street in front of his Greystone Avenue building.

No room at gym for graduates?

When members of Manhattan College’s Class of 2019 first stepped onto the Riverdale campus as freshmen, they knew they were part of the largest graduating class the 165-year-old school had ever seen.


Woman, 89, killed while crossing Riverdale Avenue

An elderly woman died just outside her home near the College of Mount Saint Vincent Saturday, after she was hit by a car.

Parkinson’s patients project their voices at Lehman

The student clinicians at Lehman College’s new Parkinson’s disease clinic are on a mission to help patients find their voice.

Santa Dinowitz fills stockings with food, holiday spirit

He’s spread holiday cheer and filled bellies in the Bronx for more than 15 years. No, it’s not Santa Claus.

Feisty tabloid all but gone — but is it for good?

For months the box has laid, tattered and forlorn, next to a bus stop on a bleak strip of Riverdale Avenue, battered by the elements, covered in faded stickers, empty.


Just one game separates RKA from PSAL three-peat

The rallying cry all season for the Riverdale/Kingsbridge Academy girls volleyball team has been, “Do this one for us.”


Cops on hunt for serial purse-snatcher around North Riverdale

Police are looking for a woman they believe may have some connection to a string of robberies that have plagued the central part of Riverdale over the past few weeks. 


Three men wanted in connection with burglary spree

Police are looking for three men they say were involved in a series of heists just before Thanksgiving that earned them loot of more than $25,000.

Green Scene

Quilts: It’s a long journey all the way from the cotton plant

Fabric has always attracted me. My mother was a home sewer, and when I would accompany her to a fabric store to pick out new material for our school clothes, I would wander down the aisles as she made her choices. For me, the stores were a wonderland of colors and patterns.

MFA makes mathematicians out of model teachers

More than 200 teachers in the Bronx alone champion Math for America, an organization that says it pushes students to confront problems with the same curiosity and passion scientists like Galileo Galilei and Albert Einstein have shown in the past.

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