Will Diaz back home’s expansion?

Community Board 8 rejected its high rise plans, but the Hebrew Home is hoping the borough president will be more sympathetic to its plea that it must change to survive.

Senate inaction may doom speed cameras

Those who zip down Riverdale Avenue have learned it’s best to smile, because they’re on camera.

Padernacht is in: Race for 2021 begins ... wait, now?

Three generations of Padernachts have called Shalom Aleichem Houses off Sedgwick Avenue home, beginning with Sydney just after World War II, followed by Howard, and then his three sons.


West 256th accident claims life of Riverdale man

An 82-year-old man involved in a two-car accident on Riverdale Avenue and West 256th Street on July 13 has died.

Comedy show brings the funny back to An Beal Bocht

Phil Valentine never wants to leave his calendar blank.

Hill Bistro finds shows to be all that jazz

Don’t ask Rale Micic if he’s free Wednesday nights. He already has plans.

Another upset?

Klein’s challenger buoyed by insurgent’s victory on the other side of the borough

Despite what some say is a seismic shift shaking the Democratic Party to its very foundation — the end of an era of party bosses, the erosion of establishment control — state Sen. Jeffrey Klein, a stalwart of the Democratic machine, doesn’t appear to be worried.

Well-traveled teen actress finds her place on Manhattan stage

She’s lived in New York City the past five years, and before that, it was the Philippines.

The ‘secret’ garden of Kappock Street

Gardening may be a fun pastime for some people, but for Rita Freed, it has far more importance.


Fieldston star Mendel has big plans for Big 12

Unlike most recent high school graduates whose only summer plan is to wile away their final free days before college starts, Marc Mendel has jumped right into the next chapter of his life.

Heavy hand of regulation stifles small businesses

Running a bakery — or any mom-and-pop, for that matter — is no cakewalk. Yet, Enrique Rojas has been doing just that at Sugarboy Bakery Cafe on Bailey Avenue in Kingsbridge Heights for nearly a decade, creating custom cakes that delight what he describes as a loyal, adoring clientele.

Rats revel in shade of scaffolding

People aren’t the only ones rushing up the steps at 3660 Waldo Ave. Rats have joined the West 238th Street community, adding to a list of unwelcome guests that include trash and graffiti that is strewn and sprayed along the steps.



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