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Thursday, April 24, 2014
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This Passover, use all that leftover matzoh for snacking: making tasty treats like toffee covered matzoh, easy breakfasts like matzoh brei or this take on French toast. Done in 10 minutes, this … more
This winter was long, cold and snowy. I went into total hibernation mode, getting cozy at home and cooking long-simmering soups, sauces and chilis. What’s awesome is putting a one-pot meal … more
When people ask me for weight loss tips or how to stay healthy while living such a busy life, I always recommend two things: Cook your own food and be prepared. You don’t have to do it every … more
This week I was thinking about the recent trend in which so many gourmet cookbooks and magazines I read are calling for hard-to-find ingredients. As New Yorkers, we’re lucky to have a bevy … more
How often do you buy a head of broccoli, trim off the florets and toss the stems? How about the leaves from a bunch of beets or kohlrabi? If your answer is all the time, read on! As a challenge … more
Who says gazpacho is a summer-only dish? I say break the rules. Wear white after labor day, pink with red, navy with blue. You can have your gazpacho and eat it, too. This week, I was … more
One of my favorite things to do while cooking is to figure out how to make the best use of what we might normally discard. Vegetable scraps can be used to fortify soups or stocks, radish or beet … more
Canned or frozen artichokes are sort of like the sister to San Marzano tomatoes. It’s really the next best thing and as far as I’m concerned, a totally acceptable, year-round alternative to … more
After coming back from a week in California, I thought I’d have some super healthy recipes to share, what with all the bright, shiny, happy, fit, smiley Californians bebopping around on their bikes … more
A few years back, I thought I long and hard about why I decided to go to culinary school and why cooking fascinated me so much from a young age. Not everyone loves to cook, has a natural talent … more
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