CB8 wants SNAD split away from Staten Island

With some of Fieldston’s and Riverdale’s greener parts possibly in jeopardy, Charles Moerdler wants to split the SNAD.

Fatal gash? Boyfriend charged in sword slashing

A couple weeks after her boyfriend allegedly sliced into her foot with a sword, Dayanara Carela was dead.


NYC still treats the Bronx as lower class

It’s 94 acres of park land and water separating Kingsbridge from Norwood. But if anyone wants to access it, they’d need good connections and a security clearance.

Homeless burglar penetrates politico’s window, nabbed

A reputedly crafty, if brazen, homeless woman targeted Kingsbridge Tuesday morning, allegedly slipping in through the window of a neighborhood Santa — and a stalwart of the local Democratic establishment — to get to his holiday gift-giving stash.

Pumping station poses green solution, traffic trouble

Without pumping stations, some Bronx streets not only would be flooded, but a bit stinky too.

Councilmen push e-bike legalization after crackdown

Joseph Bohm claims there’s no better way to zip through Kingsbridge and Riverdale than on his electric bicycle.

Shakeup at the top brings ‘fresh blood’ to 5-0

There is a new top cop at the 50th Precinct.

Feisty tabloid all but gone — but is it for good?

For months the box has laid, tattered and forlorn, next to a bus stop on a bleak strip of Riverdale Avenue, battered by the elements, covered in faded stickers, empty.

Beauty of coming to America captured on canvas

When Aliza Nisenbaum paints a portrait, her muses are more than a prop. Over the course of completing her canvas, Nisenbaum becomes a friend.

Parking plight, street muck-up maddens locals

Gary Oliver probably had enough on his mind heading into the holidays. But things took a turn for the worse when the city took a blade to the street in front of his Greystone Avenue building.

Green Scene

Life on the Oregon Trail heavily influenced quilting

Continuing our discussion on quilts from last week, cotton and its bolls have a particularly serious drawback as a commercial crop.

Celebrating the caregivers who make long lives better

Caregivers are part of the many things that help the community go round.

Press Points