Dynamic duo lights up Little League


South Riverdale Little Leaguers Danny Drotos and Evan Kurtz are boys of many interests and talents.

They even double as outfield landscapers. Not able to sit still during an interview on the ball field at the David A. Stein Riverdale/Kingsbridge Academy (M.S./H.S. 141) on Saturday after his team’s game, Kurtz ripped up bundles of grass in his hands. His ceaseless energy is matched only by Drotos, who wanted to do the interview while playing catch until his father told him that wasn’t an option.

Drotos and Kurtz, who both turned nine this spring and have been friends since kindergarten, have succeeded on the field for the Dr. Hertz Dental Smilers. Kurtz plays pitcher, catcher and shortstop and is hitting .708 this season with 18 RBIs in 10 games, while Drotos, a left-handed catcher, pitcher and first baseman, is hitting .538 and has 31 strikeouts in 12 innings pitched. But baseball is only one small component of their lives, as the boys are third graders at The Anderson School, a citywide gifted and talented school on the Upper West Side, where they compete on the chess team, run track and are involved in the school’s music program.

Drotos also sings with the NYC Children’s Chorus, which sang “Let It Go” from the movie Frozen on Good Morning America in February. 

“I was really excited because it was my first time on TV,” Drotos said. 

Both boys also play musical instruments.

“I like the rhythm,” said Drotos, who plays the drums and hopes to start playing the euphonium (a small version of a tuba) next year in his school band.

“I like the fast beats,” added Kurtz, who plays piano and hopes to play the cello in the school band next year.

Devoted Yankees fans, the boys also spend much of their time away from baseball immersed in books. Kurtz enjoys the Percy Jackson and Harry Potter series, and Drotos likes the Middle School series by James Patterson. They also like video games, especially Madden NFL as aspiring football players.

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