Endangered birds hatch at Bronx Zoo


The Bronx Zoo announced the birth of three endangered maleo chicks, which hatched recently after 70 days of incubation.

The zoo recreated the special conditions needed for a successful incubation of the rare birds. The three new chicks bring the total number of maleo birds at the Bronx Zoo to nine. The birds live in the World of Birds, the only place they can be seen besides their native home in Sulawesi, Indonesia. 

“The success we are seeing in our maleo propagation program at the Bronx Zoo is truly the result of teamwork,” said Jim Breheny, Wildlife Conservation Society’s executive vice president.

“Years of research in the field and at the zoo have allowed us to fine-tune procedures and incubation protocols. The husbandry science conducted at the zoo, together with the conservation work in the field, is integral in helping WCS ensure a future for this rare and endangered species.”

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