Errant mail irks residents of 10463


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Retired bookkeeper Esther Hoenig relies on payments from the Social Security Administration and her day-a-week job to make ends meet. But after several days with no mail service at her 3640 Johnson Ave. apartment so far this month, the latter funds arrived about a week late.

“They literally screwed me over by not delivering the mail,” said Ms. Hoenig, 75. “I think this is very unfair, very uncalled for and totally outrageous.”

While the number of residents in the same situation as Ms. Hoenig could not be ascertained, Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz and Congressman Eliot Engel say they have received an unprecedented number of complaints about mail service interruptions from constituents in the 10463 ZIP code, which the Kingsbridge Post Office serves.

People interviewed for this article reported a range of experiences. Residents of the Whitehall high-rise in Spuyten Duyvil reported no recent interruptions in service, while one woman living in Kingsbridge said she has not received mail for a total of seven days so far this month.

Although this winter has brought some of the harshest weather in years, the problem seems to go beyond the snow, with residents complaining of delivery blackouts even on days when the weather was fine.

“The only possible excuse they can have is that they are short staffed,” Mr. Dinowtiz said of the Kingsbridge Post Office. “I suspect it goes deeper than that. I suspect they are just not up to the job of managing this area.”

Mr. Dinowitz added that he and his neighbors at a Henry Hudson Parkway apartment building have not received any mail for several days over recent weeks. He said the Kingsbridge Post Office’s failure to deliver a constituent mailing from his Albany office helped prompt him to look into the matter.

A United States Postal Service (USPS) spokeswoman did not provide details of mail blackouts in the 10463 ZIP code. But Connie Chirichello confirmed that the Kingsbridge station worked out the problem over Mr. Dinowitz’s Jan. 21 mailing, which the assemblyman said reached constituents in the 10463 ZIP code more than a week late.

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what they failed to mention is the long waiting time in getting service. I've had to wait as much as 30 minutes in the early morning. 1 clerk to handle retail and inquiry service is ridiculous. is this the only post office station with no self service kiosk? it would sure save a lot of time to some of us who only need to mail a package or buy stamps. most stations today have self service kiosks for this same reason.. reduces lines and waiting time. get it together! postage keeps going up to fund who's pockets?

Friday, February 21, 2014

I don't call 2 cents as prices going up! I think The Riverdale Press has run out of stories to write about. I agree they could use more clerks. As for the people who deliver their mail I think they work hard especially my mail person. People don't even shovel their walkways and expect mail. Give me a break.Ambulances can't even get down some of these streets and you expect mail.Yeah let the mail person break their neck as long as we get our mail. Get a life!

Saturday, February 22, 2014

I'm very glad to see this story. I live in 10471 zip code and our mail delivery is also dismal. More often than not, we receive our neighbors' mail, sometimes as far away as Broadway. I have no confidence that I will receive important documents when they are entrusted to the US mail service. It's really a sad state of affairs given the post office's motto.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

I don't understand why people are complaining about the 10463 post office. The problems we are all having started over 30 years ago. Sometimes you get mail and sometimes you don't. This surprises people. If so I have to ask how long have you lived in the 10463 zip code area. I don't know if we should blame the staff cause I think they feel they are under paid and over worked or should we blame the people at the top. Take your pick.

I have to say as a City employee, all of us (especially City emplooyees [ white clerical staff only] are really under paid and over worked and we don't have a contract or the right to strike. So all I can say to everyone is just grin and bear it.

Friday, April 4, 2014