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Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz said he thinks whoever is interested in running for City Council District 11 should get moving because Cliff Stanton is already campaigning.

The Ben Franklin Reform Democratic Club will officially endorse a candidate in April and because of the club’s influence, whoever they decide to endorse will likely become the frontrunner. But Mr. Dinowitz said he thinks a candidate shouldn’t wait that long. 

Mr. Dinowitz said he’s been approached by a “handful” of candidates about possibly running.

Mr. Stanton has not approached Mr. Dinowitz for an endorsement and a long-standing feud makes it unlikely that he would get it even if he asked. 

“I’ve told a few people, if you’re interested in running, you should form a committee and start running,” Mr. Dinowitz said. 

Mr. Dinowitz did not want to name those who had approached him. But there is a list of potential pols that has been knocked around for a while, including Dan Padernacht, Andy Cohen, Bob Press, Ari Hoffnung, Randi Martos and Bill Weitz.

Though he has not said if he will leave his comfy Assembly seat, there is a slight possibility Mr. Dinowitz will run.

“Anything’s possible …  I’m never going to say never because that’s not smart,” Mr. Dinowitz said.

Even if he doesn’t go for the council seat himself, Mr. Dinowitz will be a major player in the race.

“Regardless of who the candidates are, I plan to spend a very significant amount of time on the election,” he said.



What you wish for


Assemblywoman Naomi Rivera wanted to keep Tracey Towers in her district when she had a say in how the lines would be drawn earlier this year, but she’s probably regretting that decision now. Mark Gjonaj slaughtered Ms. Rivera at Tracey Towers and many say it’s where she lost the race. She could have avoided that.

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