Man claims he was cuffed without cause


Two 20-year-old men arrested on Sept. 19 around 4:45 p.m., in front of Jim’s Gift Shop at 5607 Broadway, for allegedly selling marijuana claim police did not follow protocol when arresting them. 

According to Capt. Kevin Burke, commander of the 50th Precinct, the men sold marijuana to an undercover officer.

While investigating and arresting William Dzinzki, 20, and Angel Rios, 20, plain clothes officers cuffed and searched three additional people. Two claimed to be friends with Mr. Dzinzki and Mr. Rios. The other was Gary Constantino, 49, an employee of Jim’s Gift Shop.

Mr. Constantino said that he was cuffed before he was searched.

“They were looking for drugs,” he said, “but I didn’t have none.”

The two friends who were cuffed but not charged said that they asked officers several times why they were being searched, but received no clear response. They said officers had them waiting on their knees.

Passersby watched as police searched the suspects’ underclothing.

—Reporting contributed by Sarina Trangle