Police Beat

A $70 heist busted at Dollar Tree store


Friday the 13th did not turn out well for at least one persistent would-be thief in Kingsbridge.

A security guard at the Dollar Tree store at 5687 Broadway told cops she saw a 50-year-old man stuff $70 worth of merchandise into a bag before attempting to slip out of the store last Friday.

But that reportedly wasn’t the first time the guy had been up to no good at the Kingsbridge bargain joint, as the employee said she’d also seen him March 28 doing the same thing. He wasn’t successful the first time, according to the report, but then again he didn’t get too far this time either.

Police arrested the man, charging him with petty larceny.


Taxi man duped, bitten, robbed

At least one taxi driver might be a little more wary next time he’s cruising through Kingsbridge on a late-night shift.

The 38-year-old cabbie was driving a 2015 Toyota Camry just after 11 p.m., on April 11, when he told cops he picked up a passenger on the northeast corner of Naples Terrace and Godwin Terrace. 

No sooner had the guy hopped in than he reportedly reached into the middle console of the taxi and snatched $600 from the driver, police said. 

The cabbie tried to hold onto the cash, but that wasn’t a good idea, police said. The alleged crook — described by police as around 28, 5-foot-7, 180 pounds, with brown eyes and black hair — allegedly choked him, biting his index finger. 


Driver didn’t stop

Drunken driving is not a good way for anyone to start the week.

Cops spotted a 38-year-old woman driving a gray 2018 Infiniti on the northbound entrance ramp of the Henry Hudson Parkway at West 239th Street early in the morning of April 9, according to a report, blowing through two stop signs and swerving in and out of the center lane before colliding with a pole, tree and the center median.

She was charged with DWI among other infractions.