Broadway plan impacts our garages


To the editor:

Did the city’s transportation department or Councilman Andy Cohen ever consider the impact of the proposed Broadway corridor plan on the residents of 20 buildings whose garages and driveways front directly on Broadway?

The plan, which narrows two travel lanes by one-foot each, and parking lanes by five feet on the western (or buildings’ side), and four feet on the park side in order to accommodate a protected bicycle lane, will create a new and dangerous condition that will undoubtedly result in an increase in accidents on Broadway.

The existing 13-foot lanes adjacent to the western curb provide safety benefits that include protecting drivers and passengers entering and exiting their vehicles, and providing crucial visibility and maneuvering space for vehicles exiting driveways as they attempt to merge into the southbound traffic lanes. 

These wider parking lanes also provide a safety buffer for traffic heading northbound in case southbound vehicles momentarily encroach on the northbound lanes in order to avoid head-on collisions with the opposing merging traffic.

It was suggested to one concerned co-op that a way to reduce that danger and increase visibility is by removing parking spots on both sides of their driveway. Since there are 20 driveways that exit onto Broadway, that would mean potentially removing at least 40 parking spaces!

This plan also creates a de facto northbound bus lane because all buses will stop to discharge and board passengers in the reduced northbound traffic lane rather than at curbside as they do now. This will push all traffic into the left northbound lane, increasing the likelihood of accidents.

The serious flaws in this plan must be addressed. If DOT and Councilman Cohen force this plan forward as is, then they must be held responsible for the results that are inevitable.

Rob Spalter

Rob Spalter