Police Beat

Chinese deliverers targeted once again


Cops believed they had resolved a string of robberies involving Chinese food delivery drivers in Van Cortlandt Village after arresting someone they believed was connected to the crimes, but now it looks like someone might be at it again. 

Another Chinese food delivery driver was robbed last week on the 3800 block of Sedgwick Avenue, police said. 

Three men reportedly confronted and attacked the 38-year-old delivery person around midnight Aug. 20, police said, knocking him off his bike before punching and kicking him. 

The assailants stole the man’s phone, police added, running south on Sedgwick. 

Over the years, Chinese food deliverers near Sedgwick have become a favorite target of teens and robbers who know the employees often carry cash for their job. 

Police are still investigating this latest robbery.


Fearsome robbery at fuel fill-up 

All he wanted was some gas. Instead, a man was beaten and robbed last week on Broadway near West 238th Street.

The 35-year-old man was gassing up his ride just before afternoon rush Aug. 17 at a Mobil gas station when three men, according to police, attacked him. 

The victim said one of the men had a Caesar haircut — probably best described as a bowl cut — while another had braids. All of them started kicking and punching the victim, according to cops, before they took his backpack and iPhone, and making off in their own black Toyota. 

This attack is still under investigation.


Cars stripped, vandalized in a day

Three cars were targeted by crooks last week in what police said were separate incidents, yet all on the same day last week. One of the heists left a woman without a front bumper, of all things. 

The bumper incident happened Aug. 15 near the 3200 block of Kingsbridge Avenue, where the 32-year-old woman told cops she walked to her car around 4:55 a.m., only to discover the front bumper, front grill and license plate from her 2008 Acura TSX were missing. 

Police estimated the damages, which included a broken window, hit $750. 

Just two hours later, police say a man went to his car after parking it overnight to find the rims had been stolen. 

The 2017 Honda Accord was parked on the 4400 block of Manhattan College Parkway, but when its 25-year-old owner came to drive off in the morning, police said crooks had hoisted the car up on cement blocks, making off with the tires. 

The last targeted car, however, didn’t have anything stolen. Instead, the 2009 Toyota Camry was vandalized. 

The victim told cops she parked her car on Goulden Avenue near the end of the 2900 block, only to discover at 8:30 the next morning, someone had bashed in her rear window. 

Police believe that someone was trying to break in, but found nothing missing from the car.