Congress needs a fresh approach


To the editor:

It’s time for a change. Here’s why.

Eliot Engel is both an able congressman and a decent man. In the era of Trump, though, that is insufficient. 

Fighting back, actively looking after one’s constituents’ needs, listening to all, representing the entire district is more than mandatory, it’s critically essential.

Reactive is fine in the ordinary scheme of Washington politics. Ordinary is fine when the NRA and other powerful interests don’t control the conversation. But they appear to do so, big time.

A youth movement, like the advocacy for change in our nation’s gun laws we have recently seen, will help with real change in Washington. Derickson K. Lawrence represents that change. He is energetic and proactive. His youth and vitality brings a “no politics as usual” attitude to the fight to return our country to decency while looking after the needs of our district.

Mr. Derickson has met with the local Democratic club, even seeking their endorsement. After all, they claim to be “reform.” 

What started as a “reform” club has morphed into a good old boy’s club, one that enables the status quo, including the Independent Democratic Conference, to flourish. Claims to progressive neighborhood action are impeded by the needs to ensure that those who play along are rewarded. 

The needs of our district are languishing behind the comfortable familiarity of a long-term incumbent.

It’s just such behavior that allowed Donald Trump to be elected.

We have a choice: younger, proactive, energetic and responsive. Or we can choose entrenched, reactive, low-energy, and less than responsive. The choice is ours.

My choice is Derickson K. Lawrence. Son of immigrants, success story, educated, forward looking, progressive and energized for change.

Join me, Riverdale. Join me, Kingsbridge. Join me, 16th Congressional District, in knitting the coalition. 

We have a strong, fresh voice. Let’s send Derickson to Congress. 

He’s one of us. It’s time.

Adam Stoler

Adam Stoler