Don't forget seniors in armory plans


To the editor:

(re: “Armory investors ice deal for a loan,” Nov. 2)

After reading the article in The Riverdale Press, it prompted me to express my opinion on the use of the Kingsbridge Armory’s massive, undetermined space.

As a former resident in the Kingsbridge vicinity for more than 33 years, it is sad to see such a majestic artillery reserve sit empty and idle for numerous years.

In accordance with pre-proposed plans to revive the armory with a magnanimous ice rink complex and possible links to neighboring schools, the idea does have substantial validity. 

But additional plans to incorporate the needs of the local residents should be a top priority as the armory is massive enough to accommodate quite a few organizations.

Thereby, pre-suggested planning should include additional multiple educational factors such as an after-school center that would be beneficial to neighborhood children and the increasing adolescent population left to their own devices after school hours.

This idea could incorporate the revival of the YMCA/YWCA that, many years ago, was located on the Grand Concourse, and as to-date, on Castle Hill Avenue in the Soundview area.

Further, let us not pass the needs of the elder population in the neighborhood as well.

Therefore, in connection of adjunct space, I believe it would be a favorable proposition to consider adding a “local” establishment, such as an upscale senior center to the mix due to the ideal location by foot and public transportation.

This project would meet our retired seniors’ requirement for social, recreational and health needs that would otherwise remain a homebound situation.

Audrey Brito

Audrey Brito