Engel's record speaks quite loudly


To the editor:

(re: “Looking closer at the candidates,” June 7)

Peter Joseph, in his recent letter to the editor, correctly commends The Riverdale Press and Zak Kostro for publicizing the June 26 congressional primary election. Mr. Joseph is also correct in noting that the electorate is entitled to know its options.

However, Mr. Joseph forgets that one can only judge candidates by what they say and do.

The competing congressional candidates are U.S. Rep. Eliot Engel, and a hedge fund executive with money but no qualifying credentials. 

Lest that characterization of Jonathan Lewis’s candidacy be viewed as unfair, suffice to note that one of Mr. Lewis’ few public and published utterances prior to becoming an essentially self-funded candidate was to equate Donald Trump with Robert Kennedy, terming the late Sen. Kennedy “a disruptor” in a speech before the Annual Investment Outlook 2017 luncheon of the Empire Club.

That pretty much says it all in my view.

Eliot Engel was voted the single most-effective Democrat in the 114th Congress by the Center for Effective Lawmaking for his ability to advance legislation through the legislative maze. His advocacy of sensible gun control legislation, DACA, the Affordable Care Act (which he helped draft), and his sponsorship of the Russian sanctions as a consequence of Russia’s meddling in the 2016 elections are just a few of the illustrations of Rep. Engel’s many achievements.

With a 100 percent voting record from the League of Conservation Voters, the Conference of Civil and Human Rights, the Alliance for Retired Americans, Planned Parenthood, the National Abortion Rights Action League, and the Human Rights Campaign, Congressman Engel’s achievements are a matter of public record.

Importantly, if Democrats retake the House, Eliot Engel would become chair of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, able to set its agenda and able to help restore America’s leadership in world affairs.

Mr. Joseph urges comparison of the candidates. I think the record makes clear who can best continue to serve our community with distinction.

Charles Moerdler

Charles Moerdler