Hapless Honda on bricks, no more wheels


Rims and tires seem to be all the rage these days among thieves in this part of the Bronx.

After a 37-year-old man parked his 2017 Honda Civic in front of 2675 Henry Hudson Parkway at 10:30 p.m. on Nov. 27, he returned the next morning to find all four wheels missing and the car laid up on bricks, according to the 50th Precinct.

Police valued the missing wheels at $1,200, but reported no damage to the locks or steering column. They also hope some camera footage could help them track down the perpetrator.

The case is still open to detectives.


Trip to Popeyes turns perilous

Most people don’t expect to get attacked when they’re on the prowl for fried chicken and biscuits. But it can happen.

One Kingsbridge resident learned this the hard way around 9:50 the night of Nov. 20 when she was grabbing a bite at Popeyes at 205-209 W. 231st St. 

While she waited for her order, according to police, she noticed a man outside she described as about 5-foot-10, wearing a black sweater, but decided to pay him no mind.

After the 65-year-old left the store, hot meal in hand, the sweater-clad fellow followed her, she told police, but not in a way that made her suspicious.

When she finally reached the corner closest to her apartment building at Godwin Terrace and West 231st Street, the man who’d followed her reportedly grabbed her purse, yanked her toward him, and ordered her to “give it to me.”

The woman screamed and a second perpetrator, whom the victim described to police as much taller than the first, pushed her to the ground, injuring her left knee and right shoulder.

Both assailants fled — the woman somehow managed to ward them off without losing her purse, and she cried out for help. 

A good Samaritan came to her aid, offering to call an ambulance. 

But the woman — terrified and stunned — refused, police said.

The 5-0 can’t explain why the woman waited a week to report the incident. Yet, detectives are calling the case an attempted robbery, and are still investigating.


Yamaha gone, perps unknown

Not just cars, but motorcycles are a target for thieves in the Northwest Bronx.

This became clear to one unlucky rider, who reportedly left his Yamaha all-terrain vehicle, valued by police at around $5,000, in the garage of his apartment on the 2200 block of Johnson Avenue around 7:30 in the morning on Nov. 24. When he returned for it around 10:15 the following night, however, the motorcycle’s owner found it was missing. 

Someone must’ve been looking to go for a criminal joy ride — or make some extra cash.

The 28-year-old victim told police he checked online and found an offer for a motorcycle that he suspected might be his — the bike may even already have been sold.

Whoever snagged the Yamaha must’ve broken into the garage, police said, because they found signs of forced entry, and the lock had been removed from the door. They also learned from the victim he and the building’s owner were the only ones who had keys to the garage. 

There are no cameras in the area to help cops track down the thief, but detectives have kept the case open, and have an eye out for the motorcycle.