Homeless coming up again Tuesday


After the raucous meeting in July over a proposed homeless shelter in Kingsbridge, Community Board 8’s land use committee is set to meet again Sept. 5. And near the top of its agenda? Once again, 5731 Broadway.

The 83-unit location is the proposed site of a transitional homeless facility for families — a move that has been vehemently opposed by CB8. 

Tuesday’s meeting will provide an update, according to an agenda submitted by land use chair Charles Moerdler, as well as talk about 5731 Broadway developer Stagg Group’s new application to receive tax abatements on the property. 

Also on the agenda is a renewal application for an enclosed sidewalk café at Dale Diner, 189 W. 231st St., as well as a presentation of a capital project from Wave Hill. 

The meeting begins at 7:30 p.m., on Sept. 5, at the American Legion Post 774, located at 3035-37 Corlear Ave.


Diaz, de Blasio trade endorsements

If politics were a back-scratching affair, then both New York’s mayor and Bronx’s borough president would feel quite satisfied.

Bill de Blasio and Ruben Diaz Jr., exchanged endorsements for each other for their respective offices last week, saying they both share a commitment to protecting immigrant communities and improving public safety and education across the borough.

“In the age of President Trump, the Bronx and all of New York needs a strong fighter for our most vulnerable communities,” Diaz said in a release. “Bill de Blasio’s commitment to enacting a progressive agenda on issues such as affordable housing, providing access to counsel for housing court tenants, protecting our at-risk immigrant communities, and creating a model for universal pre-k has set the example for cities across the nation on how to move forward on important issues in the face of a hostile federal government.”

de Blasio shared similar sentiments of the incumbent borough president.

“Ruben is an incredible advocate for his community, and a strong ally in the fight to promote progressive values,” he said. “Together, we’ve made tremendous progress strengthening the Bronx and improving the lives of the people that live across this great borough.”

Although Diaz has at least one filed challenger — Camella Price — she has not been able to match his fundraising at all. Diaz has raised $1.3 million for his campaign, compared to just under $6,000 for Price, according to the city’s campaign finance board. Diaz already has spent more than $755,000, with just under $800,000 still in the bank.

de Blasio also has a number of challengers, but few have come even close to the $4.8 million he’s raised for re-election so far. Former New York Police Department detective Bo Dietl has raised just under $1 million, including a $100,000 campaign loan, while Rocky De La Fuente has pulled in about $414,000 — almost all of it campaign loans. 


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Please, let a Stagg build even more homeless shelters under the guise of new luxury market rate apartments. Maybe they can build some new shelters in the middle of Van Cortlandt Park at taxpayer expense. A few extra donations to the correct campaign funds should do the trick. The occupants will only be a few brain surgeon war veterans with starving kids and security costs for the building will only be 3 million $ per month. Those other few stories you heard about their other luxury buildings turned into homeless shelters in the Bronx are pure fiction. Those tenants in that building who were terrorized by homeless residents after their Stagg building was switched into a shelter is just pure fantasy. Crime increasing in the East Bronx where Stagg bait and switched another building into a shelter- another figment of an overactive mind. The coincidence of hiring th former Bronx Borough President? Just that- a coincidence. Nothing unsavory going on here, no collusion, no corruption, not a racket, no underhanded dealings. Please build another Stagg building next to me.

Saturday, September 2, 2017
Jennifer Scarlott

Please join 237 folks, nearly all CB8 residents or residents of other sections of the Bronx, in signing a petition titled: "Welcome homeless families with children to Bronx Community Board 8":


Tuesday, September 5, 2017
Jennifer Scarlott

At the Land Use Committee meeting of Bx Community Board 8 this evening, the community wasn't acknowledged. There was no sign-up sheet to speak, no acknowledgement of the 50+ people in the room, no questions taken from the floor with the exception of two people, one a former CB8 board member, the other, perhaps with a similar special connection. Otherwise, the community was entirely invisible and mute at this community board meeting.

When I asked a committee board member why the public was not invited to speak, she said she had no idea. Neither she nor anyone else on the committee said a word about it.

Under Mr. Moerdler's leadership, democracy is really not a thing. That's apparently fine with the rest of the committee members, as well as the new board chair, who was present.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

@Jennifer Scarlott: CB8 and the community of Kingsbridge has spoken loud and clear, and they are AGAINST this bait and switch that Stagg is trying to pull. What's "undemocratic" is what Stagg is doing and "certain people" posting in this thread here supporting such arrangements. It's disturbing and disgusting that people can support what Stagg is doing and then have the audacity to attack Charles Moerdler for doing his due diligence to stop this from reaching fruition. How can the Riverdale Press allow such attacks on board members and then turn around and say that they don't allow personal attacks on posters here? What a lie. The poster (who I will refrain from mentioning by name since everything said about them is deemed a "persnal attack") clearly is favored or has some side deal with the Riverdale Press... How much is being paid out for such lies and slander to be spread? Residents of CB want to know!!

Riverdale, NY - 10463/10471 - For a better Riverdale, for ALL Riverdalians!

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

TYPO corrected *personal attack

Wednesday, October 4, 2017