Instead of a cold beer, it's a ho-ho beat down


He was all set to celebrate the holidays, armed with gifts and plenty of beer, when a trio of ruffians foiled his plans.

The 37-year-old man told police he was walking inside the lobby of a building on the 2800 block of Claflin Avenue very early in the morning on Christmas Eve when three other guys got off the elevator, punched him in the face, and took his presents. 

Santa had reportedly planned to bring perfume valued at $130, a toy bear worth $20, and a $25 Macy’s gift card.

But there’d be no taking the edge off with a chilled brewski, because cops said the merciless trio took the beer, too — a couple six-packs that cost the poor fellow $10 each.

In total, the alleged perps made off with nearly $200 worth of holiday goodies.

Security cameras were in the lobby, but no word from police on what the assailants looked like, what they were wearing, or whether any footage has proved helpful in tracking them down.


Tools, ladder, box, van — gone

Whoever took this van saved a trip or two to the hardware store.

A 29-year-old man told police he last saw a white 2006 Ford van that belonged to a landscaping company parked on the 3800 block of Bailey Avenue on Dec. 19 at around 1 p.m. He was the only one authorized to drive the company vehicle, but when he went back the next day, it was gone.

Police canvassed the area to no avail, and valued the missing van at $3,000.

But that wasn’t all the company lost. Inside the van were two wood-cutting machines — one worth $115, another $195, according to police — along with three drills worth $687, five tile-cutting machines at $652, a $400 vacuum, a wooden box worth $100, and a four-foot ladder that cost $24.

Cops are on the lookout for the van, but otherwise this case of grand larceny auto is closed.


Mystery gift card thieves leave no trace

‘Twas a fruitful holiday weekend for some alleged stealthy thieves, and they’ll probably be going on a lavish shopping spree soon, if they haven’t already — all on another man’s dime.

The 42-year-old victim told police he’d parked his gray 2007 Toyota 4Runner on the 5900 block of Tyndall Avenue in North Riverdale, and when he returnd around lunchtime on Christmas Eve, someone somehow got into the SUV, taking three $500 Visa gift cards, as well as a $25 Best Buy card.

But what’s still a mystery is how they got in, because police reported no damage to the vehicle, locks or steering column, as well as no broken glass. There also was no cam footage to help police pin down the perps.

This grand larceny case is still open.