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To the editor:

I would love to see a panel of a dozen multi-millionaires and –billionaires try to answer the questions, “Why do you need more money than you already have? Can you point to any concrete evidence that tax breaks for you and the nation’s other wealthiest people have ever helped anyone other than yourselves?”

Miriam Helbok

Miriam Helbok


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Democrap 4 Life

I grew up very poor and quit high school (Dewitt Clinton) at 16 and at 17 I joined the navy for three years

When I finished my enlistment I went to night school for 5 years 2 nights a week and worked full time during the day

I decided to go back to night school and get my masters and started my own com company and had over 27 employees

The reason I "need more money" is to invest back into my company and enjoy the fruits of my hard work and schooling that I paid for out of my own pocket.

When Obama was elected I fired all 27 employees and closed the doors and went for an early retirement .

I became board and started another company but decided to "spread the wealth" by hiring 6 part time employees instead of 3 full timers so I would not have the burden of having to give them benefits that no one ever gave me, such as paid holiday ,paid vacations ,sick days, personal days and their medical insurance,

As a Democrap I decided to do my party says but not as they do .. Bernie Sanders spending his own money to help others as an example

So I took the Bamas word as gospel and hired strictly "citizens of the world" as Mrs Clinton once suggested " Hire day workers or they will commit

crimes if they cant find work , being here illegally is not considered a crime according to my party.

Bill Gates has over 100,000 people dependent on him to make a living people like him and Warren Buffet should be given tax exempt status like the Clinton "foundation"

What would be nice is to have a 23% flat tax on all the income we receive so everyone pays "their fair share" Civil servants , retirees , disabled vets , people on SSI EVERYONE pays 23% of their gross income even those on disability

By having a flat rate tax it is fair as we all pay the same percentage and the money can be used to help developing countries by giving them billions of dollars that We in america only squander away

If for example we sent 100 billion to Mexico and several billion to Syria and another 30 billion to African countries there is no need for them to come here so in the long run we save a fortune

Miriam how many rooms do you have in your home that could be used to house other people?

Why do you need so many when 2 bedrooms is more then enough for 3 people or more.

Many people here in Riverdale have a lot more rooms then they actually need and this is not fair as they are taking away spaces the homeless could certainly use

Friday, September 1