Let Dems keep ranting


To the editor:

In the past few editions of The Riverdale Press, Jennifer Scarlott of a “loony leftist” organization called North Bronx Racial Justice Coalition, has ranted about destroying statues and plaques honoring the achievements of our white, European heritage.

I challenge her and those that agree with her to compare their achievements and contributions to society to those of indigenous people. I, as a son of European ancestors, am very proud of my heritage. Our contributions to the works in the arts, sciences, music, medicine, sports, and yes, exploration, have changed the world for the better.

Can indigenous people compete with that? I doubt it.

Elections in 2018 are fast approaching. I sincerely hope that all the leftist, socialist Democrats like Ms. Scarlott campaign on tearing down our country’s European Heritage. Stay angry because Donald Trump is our president.

Gov. Cuomo, a potential candidate for the Democrats, should tell us where he stands on this issue before Columbus Day. Or will he forego his heritage and genuflect to the loony leftists?

Most Italian-Americans like myself are waiting, Mr. Governor.

Dennis Donofrio 

Dennis Donofrio