Lights adjusted at Kappock, Netherland


After an outcry from residents and drivers about the timing of the northbound traffic lights at Kappock Street and Netherland Avenue, the city’s transportation department made some adjustments late last month that may have calmed things down a bit, for now.

“Wireless sensors were installed to survey traffic and adjust the signal based on traffic conditions,” said Alana Morales, a department spokeswoman. “This modification allows for better traffic flow and addresses weaving problems at the location.”

The move is a relief to residents like Manny Grossman. 

“It seems calmer and safer since this change was made,” he said. “My living room window faces Kappock Street and I’m not hearing nearly as many honks, tire screeches and screaming road rage.” 

Previously, the timing of the green lights — which ran in sync — did not give drivers enough time to signal each other if they made left turns onto Knolls Crescent. Vehicles had to cross in front of oncoming traffic with cars traveling in the same direction.

— Lisa Herndon


Plastic bag task force is making big plans

With no end in sight to plastic bags taking over the world, Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s task force has some idea on how to get rid of the environmentally unfriendly containers.

A new report calls on manufacturers to take some responsibility for the bags, suggesting they should implement programs for the collection and recycling of single-use bags.

Another possibility could involve charging a fee.

The report’s not binding, but if money were collected, the committee suggests it should go straight to the state’s environmental protection fund.