Never let the harassers win


To the editor:

When I was a 25-year-old college student back in the 1970s, I was very badly sexually harassed by a female college professor who had a lot of power over me.

But that is not what I want this letter to be about. I want to share what I have learned from the experience with all present, past and future victims, and survivors of sexual harassment, so that they will feel better about themselves than they may feel now. And so that they will, I hope, feel less inner-pain and inner-hurt than they may feel now.

I have been there. I want people to know that it is vitally important to immediately report your sexual harasser to people in positions of authority so that this predator will never prey upon anyone else in the future. I deeply regret that I did not do this.

Please do not make the same mistake I did.

In addition, I am telling you with total certainty that it was not your fault that you were or are being sexually harassed. You did not do anything to bring this predatory behavior about or encourage it. Do not blame yourself for it.

Also, speaking as a former alcoholism, drug addiction, mental health, and marriage and family therapist, I want you to seek counseling/therapy if you feel you can benefit from it. But try not to wallow in self-pity forever. Please do not give the harasser this much power over you.

Instead, do whatever you need to do to feel better, but also be a positive force for good in society and the lives of others. Use your voice to make positive contributions to society.

If you do this, you will win, and the harasser will lose.

Stewart Epstein

Stewart Epstein


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Good letter. Another female harasser that was just called out is none other than the extreme left's "hero" Linda Sarsour. It is being reported in the NYC press today (Dec 18, 2017) that she harassed a female worker in her organization to not report some creepy sexual behavior another worker was perpetrating. Sarsour even......(I'm shocked at the insensitivity) fat-shamed this accuser!!!!

Now, I'm not one to say "our perverts are better than your perverts," but what's it going to take for the left to realize their heroes are all pretty much full of crap. From "her" defense of "her" rapist husband to now this foundation funded provacateur's actions, the left has a real problem with the sexual stuff. High time y'all stop telling the rest of us how to live our lives and get down to the business of self-reflection.

Monday, December 18, 2017
Michael Hinman

I'm not sure why there would ever need to be a debate to decide who has worst people in regards to sexual harassment, Mr. Teller, because I think many of us (if not most of us) would agree that it's bad no matter where on the political spectrum it falls.

But I would point out that, at least from my perspective, the way such issues are dealt with are different in general depending on what side of the aisle you're on. For example, someone on one side gets caught up in this, they step down. But for someone on the other side, it becomes "let the voters decide."

Interesting, don't you think?

Monday, December 18, 2017

Well, the facts are pretty clear in the Franken Vs Moore debate, which I am assuming you're referring to.

With Franken we have photographic evidence of him leering and holding a woman's breasts and with Moore all we had was Gloria Allred based allegations, many of which proved to be complete hoaxes and fabrications. Just a few days before the election one of his accusers admitted to faking his signature. I'm not a Moore fan because he is an Evangelo-con so I'm not too worried about him losing (even though there is evidence of serious vote fraud down there.) But a little fairness is in order here. Franken was caught literally red handed so of course that pervert had to go.

And just so it's clear where I stand on this, I agree, this should not be partisan. I believe the Repubs should force Farenholt out because there is a legit case against him. I also believe that with people like the notorious Trump haters Louis CK and George Takei that there are just allegations being made so I don't believe they should have their lives ruined. Allegations are one thing, and that's all anyone had on Moore (and soon Trump when his accusers come out in force in January, as is already being reported in the alt-media). But when you have pictures (Franken) or paid settlements (Conyers) it's another matter altogether.

Monday, December 18, 2017