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Campaign scorecard

Candidates sound off on segregation and platforms

For Senate, 34th district (including Riverdale, part of Westchester and the east Bronx): Jeff Klein, incumbent, and Oliver Koppell, challenger
For Senate, 33rd district (including Kingsbridge and central Bronx): Fernando Cabrera, challenger, and Gustavo Rivera, incumbent
For Senate, 31st district (including Marble Hill, Upper Manhattan, Kingsbridge and central Bronx): Adriano Espaillat, incumbent, and Robert Jackson, challenger

Correction appended.

34th district, including Riverdale, part of Westchester and the east Bronx

Name: Jeff Klein
Age: 54

Current Job: Incumbent

Why he is running: “I’m a lifelong Democrat committed to fighting for our community and I get results. I’m running to continue delivering for my constituents and to pass core Democratic legislation in Albany that benefits the residents of my district and of New York State.”

What the IDC mean to voters: Since 2012, Mr. Klein’s Independent Democratic Conference (IDC) has co-ruled the Senate with Republicans. Mr. Klein announced in June he will form a coalition with mainstream Democrats after the November general election.

“The Independent Democratic Conference means good government. It was created at a time when the State Senate became synonymous with dysfunction.

“In fact, the Brennan Center called our state legislature the most dysfunctional in the nation. The IDC made government function again and passed major Democratic legislative agenda items like the SAFE Act, the toughest gun laws in the nation. We look forward to accomplishing even more of the progressive agenda this upcoming session with a renewed energy of support coming from Governor Cuomo, Mayor de Blasio, other major Democrats and labor unions.”

Legislative priorities: “I’d like to see campaign finance reform, the DREAM Act, the 10-point Women’s Agenda and an increase to the minimum wage pass this upcoming session and I’m hopeful that we could line up 32 like-minded Democrats to achieve these important goals because I support them all.”

How he would tackle high unemployment: The Bronx’s adjusted unemployment rate stands at around 10.6 percent — the highest in the city — according to the state Department of Labor.

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Klein: “I’m a lifelong Democrat"

Except in 2012 when he ran as a Republican on the Romney/Ryan ticket.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014 | Report this

I don't know what happened, but someone screwed up with this story. It says "The Bronx’s adjusted unemployment rate stands at around 10.6 percent — the highest in the borough — according to the state Department of Labor."

The writer must mean the highest in the city... Furthermore, Riverdale doesn't have a problem with high unemployment, so this is only representative of a few areas that Klein currently represents in the Bronx. In fact I would argue that Riverdale's unemployment numbers are in line with the rest of the city, if not lower. It's a well know fact that Riverdale consists of professionals of white collar backgrounds (i.e. managerial professionals and other high paying positions), which is not representative of the Bronx in general, which has a great deal of low wage workers, working in more blue collar positions, IF they are even working.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014 | Report this
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