No con-con fracas at Dems club


To the editor:

(re: “Convention vote sparks fiery debate at Dems club,” Oct. 5)

Reading Anthony Capote’s story about the Benjamin Franklin Reform Democratic Club’s meetings about the proposed New York state constitutional convention, I was wondering if we both attended the same meeting.

His first paragraph is completely wrong about a lack of agreement among club members, as the vote as concluded was 30 against supporting the proposition, with only two in favor. 

Generally speaking, Mr. Capote is a good, balanced reporter. But I don’t understand why he took such a slanted bias on this meeting. 

What I heard was a very thoughtful discussion by both representatives about an obscure, complicated upcoming policy decision voters will face.

Instead, the reporter presented the meeting as some sort of fracas with torch-bearing hooligans shouting down a speaker with an unpopular position. Priscilla Grim, at first, sat in the audience as if she were a regular meeting attendee. Only when she spoke did it become clear that she was, in reality, a second representative of Citizens Union and their position.

This, to many people, appeared to be an underhanded move on her part, something the audience did not appreciate. She timed her remarks — regardless of not being recognized by the club president — to toss comments and barbs in when it was convenient. This tactic did not serve her cause well, and may have even driven some potential support away.

I would recommend to CU that when they attend meetings of this type, they be sure to leave Ms. Grim at home. Tom Bergdall did a fine job representing their position, and he surely does not need ham-fisted double-teaming by her.

Michael Heller

The author is a member of the Benjamin Franklin Reform Democratic Club.

Michael Heller