Not a very sweet treat


To the editor:

I was towed on Feb. 8 from a parking lot near West 231st Street and Broadway. The charge, only accepted in cash, was more than $230, and that was after taking a taxi to a storage yard, wherever that may be.

I was so shaken and upset. But since they left my car in the street, they negotiated and settled for $136, but it still had to be in cash! Yet, on the form, it states $62.50 if the vehicle is recovered at the scene. By the way, I was the second car towed from there that day.

What this tow company did is totally illegal. The law states that towing companies must accept two forms of payment — either cash or credit card, check or cash, or check or credit.

This scam has been going on in Riverdale for years. It’s a different company now, but the same illegal practices. Spotters wait, and as soon as you leave the area, they go to work.

If you are a victim of harassing, illegal and threatening practices, I would advise you contact 311 and Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz’s office immediately. We need to stand up to these towing companies who are repeatedly breaking the law. 

They are trying to pull a fast one on all of us, and they need to be stopped dead in their tracks.

Carol Stricker

Carol Stricker