Police Beat

Someone nabs cards from man’s pants


One 50-year-old man’s week got off to a bad start, and he probably wishes he’d been more on-guard against holiday-season pickpockets.

He told the New York City Police Department he was walking the streets of Kingsbridge on the afternoon of Dec. 11 when someone must’ve snuck their hand into his back, right pant pocket, taking debit cards, credit cards, his driver’s license, and $65 cash.

Police are calling this a grand larceny, and are still investigating.


Demonic duo chases man, then robs him

One man’s Sunday evening stroll went south fast.

But when he started, the 37-year-old was walking north on Broadway near West 234th Street on Dec. 10 when someone snuck up behind him, grabbed him by the neck and swung him around, scratching him in the process. He then saw a second man, according to police, who told him not to move. 

The first assailant had his hand under his coat by his waist as though he were reaching for a handgun, the man told police, but investigators couldn’t confirm whether the guy was actually packing heat.

The quick-thinking victim took a swing at the guy who’d ordered him to stay still and then ran, police said, with both bullies in hot pursuit. Seeking refuge, he ran into a lobby in the rear of an apartment building on the 3400 block of Kingsbridge Avenue.

But he wasn’t safe.

The perps threatened to shoot the poor victim if he so much as looked at them, police said, and told him to fork over all his cash.

Rather than risk his life, the guy reportedly dug into his right pocket and handed over about $600 to $650, police said. But that just wasn’t enough, because one of the perps snatched the man’s iPhone 5 right out of his left hand.

The two tormentors ran south on Broadway. Unfortunately, the locator feature on the iPhone wasn’t activated, so police couldn’t track its whereabouts, or the guys who took it.

Apparently, the victim only got a good look at one of his assailants, whom he described to police as 5-foot-5, about 180 pounds, wearing yellow work boots, a gray jacket, blue jeans, and sporting a beard.

Detectives are still investigating.