Teenaged laptop thief still on the lam


This kid was in the market for laptops, but he skipped a trip to the Apple store.

Instead of shelling out cash for pricey Apple products, the teenager reportedly snuck in through the front window of a 61-year-old woman’s apartment on the 5700 block of Arlington Avenue on the afternoon of Nov. 2, making off with $2,300 worth of Apple goods. That included a silver 13-inch MacBook Air, which police valued at $500, and a MacBook Pro, valued at $1,800. 

The woman was none the wiser until she discovered her laptops missing. 

A witness described the perp as someone who could easily pass for a typical high school student — around 15 years old, about 5-foot-8, and 150 pounds. He is said to have brown, curly hair, and was wearing a black T-shirt and carrying a white book bag. 

The witness told police she saw the boy flee through the front door of the apartment. 

Detectives are still investigating.


A Saturday night beating

This poor fellow should’ve stayed home Saturday night. 

A 43-year-old man was riding the 1 train near Broadway and West 225th Street just after midnight Nov. 4 when a 19-year-old reportedly punched him in the face and grabbed his iPhone 6 out of his pocket. 

The man received treatment from paramedics on the scene, but opted out of a ride to the hospital, police said. 

The man accused of stealing the phone was arrested, however, and the iPhone 6 — which police valued at $840 — was returned to its owner.


The bag that disappeared at BJ’s

The NYPD offers this tip: Don’t leave your bags unattended while shopping, especially during the holiday season. 

One woman probably wishes she’d heeded that advice. She was shopping at BJ’s Wholesale at 184 W. 237th St., on the night of Oct. 23, when she plopped her handbag down in her shopping cart and momentarily looked away. 

When she turned back, the bag — which contained her keys, credit cards, identification and an unknown amount of cash — had vanished. 

She saw no sign of the person who snatched it. 

Police were still investigating as of Oct. 30. 


No van in sight — except on the bridge

These car thieves must’ve needed a van for some heavy hauling. Or maybe they just wanted a roomy ride.

A 56-year-old man told police he left his van on the corner of Bailey Avenue and West 234th Street on the afternoon of Nov. 3. When he returned at 9 the next morning, his van had vanished.

There was no security camera in the area to capture evidence of who did it or exactly when the heist happened, but police say bridge cameras showed the vehicle traveling southbound on the Broadway Bridge at around 2 a.m. on Nov. 5. 

No value was given for the vehicle, but police described it as a white 2007 Ford Econoline van.


Red Cadillac gone, leaves no trace

Someone’s probably cruising in a red Caddy somewhere, but it isn’t the owner.

A four-door 2001 Cadillac DeVille was parked at the corner of Kingsbridge Avenue and West 234th Street around lunchtime Nov. 1. When the owner returned a few days later to retrieve it, the luxury car was gone. 

The man told police he was sure he’d locked his car, had no outstanding parking tickets, and doesn’t believe it was towed. 

Further mystifying the case — no broken glass was found where he’d last seen it. 

The case is closed, but police have an alert out for the vehicle. If police determined a value for the Cadillac, they aren’t sharing.