Thank you, Sen. Klein


To the editor:

I am writing this letter in support of Sen. Jeff Klein. 

I have known Jeff for many years. We both served on the community advisory board of Jacobi many years ago. Jeff went on to higher heights, while I am still on the Jacobi board.

Sen. Klein has been very supportive of all the health care bills that I have worked for. His understanding of the needs of the disabled is so encouraging to us who are advocates. He also works with the other elected officials in our district. He is well-respected in the Bronx as well as Albany. His office always is open to speak to the people who come to see him.

You do not always have to agree with him, but you have to respect what he has accomplished, and that is a lot. He has brought a lot of money into the district. Whenever Jeff is invited to a function, he will always attend. He is ready to answer all your questions.

So my friends, instead of complaining, I think we owe Sen. Klein a big thank you.

Sylvia Lask

Sylvia Lask