Trump does not get MLK


To the editor:

Seeing Donald J. Trump reading a so-called tribute to the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., was quite appalling.

First off, his tone and body language as he droned on was empty and clearly insincere. After the vile racist statement he made about Africa and Haiti and immigrants from those countries, and his desire for only immigrants from Europe, it was an insult to the memory of Dr. King to have Trump utter his name.

Just as he did not want black people to enter his buildings as tenants causing the federal government to sue him and his father for housing discrimination, he does not want them to enter his country. He is fighting to reverse all for which Rev. King fought and gave up his life, such as the right to vote.

Trump is valiantly trying to block and curtail black people’s right to vote, a right for which so many good people of all stripes were beaten and killed during the civil rights era. One could write and fill a book with Trump’s demonstrated racism as an only subject.

Let’s not ever forget the racist lie he perpetrated against President Obama by claiming the first president of color was born in Kenya, and his ongoing efforts to erase everything President Obama did in office, and lying about things the former president did not do, such as authorizing the new embassy in England — which, by the way, was an excellent decision by President Bush.

Pauline Binder

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Pauline Binder