USPS Changes to Meet a Nation

Posted by USPS123

We all love instant gratification that email provides, but lets face it, there's nothing quite like sending a letter or pacakge via the mail. The United States Postal Service has launched major changes to its Priority Mail line-up, with improved features that save on everyone's bottom line. Now they offer free insurance, improved USPS Tracking™ and day-specific delivery. By saving customers money makes it all the more reason to give the USPS two thumbs up.

This major enhancement of Priority Mail products is one of the most dramatic new offerings from the Postal Service that meets the strong marketplace demand for core shipping features that save on everyone's bottom line. That puts money back in your hands. More savings to customers means more shippers using the USPS which in turn will help the postal service generate more money during their difficult and challenging financial situation. Its a winner - winner all around.

The new Priority Mail line-up has many size boxes for cutomers to choose. And the boxes are free, giving small businesses and other frequent shippers a continued savings when shipping to their customers. Customers will see more profit in their pocket by using free shipping boxes from the postal service. Outside of the postal service, shipping boxes can range upward of 3 dollars a box and if you times that by the number of mailings you send each week, month and year - wow - thats a big savings to any business owner- big and small!

Whats even better to customers is that Priority Mail will now provide scheduled delivery – 1-day, 2-day or 3-day based on the origin and destination of the package.

The Postal Service also will provide improved USPS Tracking™ for all Priority Mail products. Tracking and scheduled delivery information will be prominently and conveniently located on customer’s retail receipts and is also available online using Track and Confirm.

Free insurance is another new and important Priority Mail feature

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