VocalReferences Is Named One of the "12 Hot Apps From Israel"

Posted by Davidlbarth

In a recent writeup in Israel21c, VocalReferences, the product that makes it easy for local businesses to capture, display and share their customer testimonials in video, audio and text formats, was listed number 3, as one of the "12 hot apps from Israel."

The top app, 24me, was named by Forbes as one of "7 Great Apps to Simplify Your Life." In the second position was Any.do, which received the designation as one of the "Best Apps of 2012" by the App Store and also Best App status from Android.

"We are thrilled to be counted as one of the important apps coming out of Israel these days. Israel is well established as a hub for new technology and innovation and we're proud to be acknowledged among this special group" says David Barth, co-founder of VocalReferences. "With that said, we continue to develop and make improvements to the app to meet the needs of the local merchant."

"As an app for businesses we're not always judged by the same standards as other apps. This is strong affirmation of our goal to bring the use of testimonials to the 21st century. We already have many great partners such as Yahoo, Wix and Jimdo and we expect to grow our base of business customers by tens of thousands over the next couple of years" added David Wenner, co-founder of VocalReferences.

VocalReferences technology makes it easy for businesses to boost their testimonials by easily incorporating video, in addition to standard text, and, at the same, automatically indexes the testimonials in Google to generate higher search results for the business. All this can be controlled by the users in the palm of their hand with VocalReferences Apple and Android apps. The company believes that too many businesses today see their testimonials as a passive tool and are missing the real opportunity of making their testimonials 'work for' them.