We need a clean DREAM Act


To the editor:

Immigrant families and our border communities must be protected. Congress must pass a clean DREAM Act and save temporary protected status without border wall funding.

We cannot delay because every week, thousands more immigrants are put at risk of deportation. Please contact your members of Congress and demand that they hold Sen. Mitch McConnell to his word, and encourage Speaker Paul Ryan to have a vote on a clean DREAM Act.

A clean DREAM Act means no increased funding for harmful border “security” measures that militarize our borderlands — communities that are already some of the safest communities in the nation.

A clean DREAM Act means no funding for a border wall, which would be both inhumane and a disaster for the environment, worsening flooding, cutting of migration routes for endangered species, and fragmenting public lands and communities.

A clean DREAM Act means rejecting Trump’s xenophobic attacks on family-based migration, which allows families to stay together, and visa programs that offer opportunities to a diversity of immigrants.

Passing a clean DREAM Act is the right thing to do. This measure to create a pathway to citizenship for 2 million immigrants is bipartisan, and is supported by a majority of Americans.

Since the Trump administration has canceled TPS protections for hundreds of thousands of people, Congress also has the responsibility to keep families together and save the program by making protections permanent. TPS protects more than 300,000 immigrants who have built lives in the United States, and cannot return to countries that are enduring violence and natural disasters.

Please call on your members of Congress to stand with immigrant communities by saving TPS and passing a clean DREAM Act free of increased border militarization, border wall funding, or attacks on diversity visas and family migration.

Judy Fletcher

Judy Fletcher