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To the editor:

(re: “Let Dems keep ranting,” Sept. 14)

In his recent letter, Dennis Donofrio asserts that his being of white, Italian descent makes him culturally superior to peoples of color. How ironic!

Only recently in our nation’s history, immigrants from South Europe were considered by bigots to be too dark-skinned for polite, white society. They had difficulty getting jobs or joining some private clubs. 

Sadly, similar bigotry is now found among some northern Italians against their own countrymen from the Southern Italian peninsula and Sicily. And two generations ago, the New York Yankees management was reluctant to sign Lawrence (“Yogi”) Berra because he looked too Italian for them, being short, squat and swarthy — unlike the elegant-looking Joseph DiMaggio.

People who invoke white superiority are apparently ignorant of established anthropology, which holds that all of our species, Homo sapiens, are descended from black people who migrated out of the Horn of eastern Africa about 125,000 to 50,000 years ago. Some of them evolved into peoples of the different racial aspects seen today.

If Donofrio was more aware of Italian history, he would know that for many thousands of years, there has been significant cultural exchange between Italians and Africans. Indeed, the Roman poet known as Terrence was a freed slave born a member of the Berber tribes of the Sahara region.

Alan Saks

Alan Saks


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I agree with the writer about a lot of his assertions, although I don't particularly think that Donofrio penned the racist screed he is being accused of. ANyhow, I do take exception to the notion that we all originated from Black Africans. While that is established anthropological theory for sure, it is wrong. The origins of the human species is a mystery really, and none of knows for sure. At this point, the theories asserted on shows like Ancient Aliens has as much cred as any "established scientific" theory, and if you look at the field of "hidden archaeology" there are a lot of unexplained man-made objects dated way older then 200,000 years old. Anyhow, not a big deal either way, but I thought I'd add that to the discussion.

Friday, September 22
Democrap 4 Life

Funny how the "black continent" still has tribes living in grass huts and bathe down stream of the water creates such as zebras etc

I was in Africa and saw starvation and the most lazy people you can imagine living in filth and they do nothing to improve their lot in life but seek help for "civilized countries" always asking for handouts

When I was Spain and Italy and Greece I noticed building made of stone over 500 years old with art work and fountains and cobble streets farming and not one single grass hut or high infant death rate as seen in the black countries

Haiti for example is a bottomless pit that the Clinton foundation did promise to help (never happened)

This would explain why black history month is the shortest month of the year

I would love to hear of one city, state or country that has black leadership that does not have highest poverty (self inflicted) highest crime rate, high handout funding that bankrupts them and more unwed mothers then other countries , cities or states?

Being a member of the democratic party I have never been this upset since the republicans took away our slaves

Saturday, September 23

So far, everyone is referring to Africans. Donofrio referred to "indigenous people," NOT Africans. I believe he was referring to Native Americans and to the recent article in this paper regarding a dubious bas-relief plaque on the Henry Hudson Statue in Riverdale -- a fictitious and unflattering depiction of "a Native American man kneeling at the feet of Henry Hudson, his arms full of furs that he is offering to Hudson." (Dream on.)

Donofrio's slight and dashed-off editorial letter completely ignored the nature of that plaque. It would be no disrespect to the memory of Henry Hudson to remove what amounts to a historical lie about the Native Americans he encountered. No disrespect to Italians or Europeans at all. And certainly no reason to go off on a tangent about the contributions Europeans have made to our society.

Wednesday, September 27