Where are our patriots?


To the editor:

My father was a Pearl Harbor survivor, so I find it sad to see our athletes taking a knee during our national anthem.

Have all our men who lost limbs and lives for our freedoms been forgotten? The United States is a place we call home. Thousands have risked their lives just to reach our shores.

When the Bronx police officer, a mother of three children, was assassinated in July, where was Al Sharpton or Colin Kaepernick, and their supporters? Why do they not denounce crimes against our officers? 

None of us knows what it is like to put your life on the line each day you put on a uniform.

After the heartbreaking deaths of Eric Garner and Michael Brown, President Obama spoke out against the violence that took place, but stressed that we can work together peacefully and achieve unity. This will not be accomplished by disrespecting the sacrifice of our military, and men and women in blue.

Saluting our flag is a way of honoring them.

Andrea Tekirian

Andrea Tekirian


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Jennifer Scarlott

"Have all our men who lost limbs and lives for our freedoms been forgotten?" Well, there's Veterans Day, Memorial Day, and all of the other paraphernalia of "patriotism."

"Our freedoms"... whose freedoms? "Our flag"... whose flag? Are they freedoms, is it a flag, of Black men, women, and children abducted and enslaved for hundreds of years, followed by more than 150 years of Jim Crow, lynch mobs, segregation, red-lining, mass incarceration, the drug war, ad nauseam? Are they freedoms, is it a flag, for more than 200 peacefully-assembled Indigenous tribes who gathered at Standing Rock last year, only to face militarized police, helicopters, MRAPS, rubber bullets, and attack dogs defending a pipeline company's "right" to desecrate ancient burial sites and clean drinking water for millions?

Eric Garner and Michael Brown were murdered by men in uniform. Will white people wake up to reality, some day, in this country? Are we aware that lines at the end of the third verse of "The Star-Spangled Banner" celebrate the recapture and killing of runaway slaves? Can we learn, absorb, and grow beyond the true history of our country, and begin to create a just future? A country which today is leaving the "territory" of Puerto Rico to founder after Hurricane Maria... Professional athletic teams only began to stand at attention during the national anthem after 9/11, when the Pentagon gave $6.8 million in taxpayer money to pro sports teams for military tributes.

"Achieve unity"? What is unity, in the face of bloody police brutality, mass incarceration, racism, white supremacist structures of discrimination and foreshortened lives, theft of land, destruction of the earth, genocide? There will only be a hope of "unity" after long years of active atonement and repair. Can we begin? Isn't it possible that opening our eyes will be less painful in the end than leaving them so willfully shut? It is disingenuous in the extreme to evoke unity in the face of ongoing systems, policies, and programs meant to drive us apart. Let's do wake up, folks. Let's do "stay woke," and get to work.

Friday, September 29

This latest attempt by the left and their allies in the NFL to stick it to Trump is backfiring massively and it makes me so happy to see. We the people have "woken" up Nimby..............

We have woken up to your fake wedge issues meant to drive us further apart.

We have woken up to your fake front groups funded by Soros in order to sow dissension and division.

We have woken up to the fact that the problem in the country is actually with people like you. People who back in the 60's might have had a point, but now have become nothing more than boring old maids who evangelize about "unity" but in reality would love to fill concentration camps in order to "reeducate" the "deplorables." At least in the old days the boring old maids knew they were boring old maids. Now the left actually thinks they are edgy and in the vanguard of the counterculture. Sorry there Nimby to break it to you but the cool kids are all conservative these days, and we reject your absolutely fantastical way of thinking. Move to the middle of the projects if you want your diversity and leave the rest of us alone!!

Friday, September 29

Ps Nimby, you have no idea what is happening in Puerto Rico, so you should keep your mouth shut.

First off, "Hitler" waved the Jones act, which is the first time that has happened and is a very progressive and humanitarian thing to do.

Second off, we are not allowing PR to flounder, although I agree the sitution is a mess. I have had my own organic permaculture farm utterly destroyed down there during Maria so I have a little more sense than you as to the realities on the ground. And those realities involve a totally inept and corrupt government, a completely wrecked infrasturcture making it impossible to really transport goods and services, as well as a huge criminal element that is stealing the aid packages and selling them at insane prices to desperate people. What we need is the military to drop in in parachutes, eliminate the gang element and restore order. The humanitarian crisis is huge and going to get much worse, but blaming Trump is the height of lunacy. Blame Wall Street and parasitical bankers for the mess. You know, the same people who fund leftist groups in order to spread propaganda like yours.

Friday, September 29
Jennifer Scarlott

I neglected to say, in my comment above, how grateful I am to Colin Kaepernick and other Black athletes who have taken a knee to protest police brutality and white supremacy. Their courage and forthrightness are deeply patriotic.

Hillary Clinton (for whom I did not vote), swamped Donald Trump in the popular vote last November by 2.9 million votes. That the U.S. and the world are saddled with Donald Trump in the Oval Office is due in part to the profoundly undemocratic relic -- the electoral college system -- which was originally created to protect the power of slave-holders.

Friday, September 29

Lol. Keep it up lefties. You guys are so tone deaf you don't realize that what you are doing with this is actually backfiring and making people despise your message even more. Trump 2020 here we come!

And earth to you.....Hilary may have had so-called 2.9 million votes more, but it's become abumdantly clear the extent of the incredibly deep voter fraud that took place in democrat controlled areas. So many dead people, illegal immigrants and multiple voters voted I'd say it's really hard to say with authority how many votes Hilary actually got. But it's pretty clear when looking at electoral maps, especially county by county maps, that this country is a veritable tidal wave of red voters that absolutely swamp the corrupt and fossilized Democrats.

Oh, and how did the fraud at the DNC work out for you? Bernie, who might have won, was absolutely cheated by the corrupt DNC. This is an undisputed fact, but I know those are hard for the left to digest.

But keep up the good work pushing people over to our side. It's very heartening actually. Thanks!

Friday, September 29
Jennifer Scarlott

Andrea Tekirian, I mean no disrespect to your father, I trust that's clear.

Apropos of men in uniform and taking a knee, you may find this interesting:


Friday, September 29
Disabled American vet

If the blacks find this country so raciest and non caring then by all means go to Jamaica or Haiti or even Africa and there you will have the "quality of life" your entitled to .

Jennifer please name one just one black run city, state or country that is self sufficient without poverty, high crime and sickness out of control.

Three generations going on going on four getting home relief then welfare and then other handouts called "entitlements" such as affirmative RE action and filling a quota even if blacks are not qualified is slavery created by the democratic party

Telling people your betting off staying in city housing and getting rent supplements such as section 8 and knowing that if your teenage daughter is having a baby its ok as long as she learns to vote for her democratic task masters.

Those that come here from Mexico and other Latin american counties come here to work not seek handouts.

Hispanics start businesses or self employed even as limousine drivers or open a grocery store.

It seems blacks born here say they cant find a job or the man is against them opening their own businesses (other then selling drugs)

I cannot imagine what if there was white or Hispanic history month or a Hispanic or white college fund .

The Chinese and Irish built the rail road systems and even today Orientals immigrants open their own restaurants or food produce stores stationary stores and it was the blacks in Harlem that said they did not want Chinese restaurants in the area as it may take jobs away from some black person who may "eventually" open a business

How come the mistreated blacks can say "this is a black owned business support it" no other race dare say such a thing without having their windows smashed and called racists

After my return from Vietnam I went to school on the GI Bill and worked during the day and wen to class at night.

I stated my own company and hired "Citizens of the world" that wanted to work and I helped "spread the wealth" to my Hispanic and European employees.

When I did interview blacks for employment they told me what they could not do so to make it easier I asked for the short list asking them what they could do ?

Out of the 47 employees I did have not one thought the world owes them because of their color or country of origin

I quit school at 15 joined the service @17 and have the great American dream of being a very wealthy person self made and not selling drugs or living with section 8 or demanding to fill a quota or asking for free food and or free medical .

Every race has been a slave at one time and its getting really pathetic going on for 4 generations how these poor folks born here cannot be free of the democratic party chains that seem to still keep these people back.

Don't you think its about time to stop playing the I am a victim card and stand on your own two feet and finally walk upright and not seek handouts and make it on your own merit just the influx of Hispanics have been doing for decades in Washington Heights and other places in NYC

Thursday, October 12