A song for 9/11 healing


To the editor:

With the recent 20th anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, we wanted to share with you and your readers a memory that is dear to us.

As our family watched the towers fall from our bedroom window, no words could describe the feelings of fear, confusion and heartache we had. And as musicians, music was the only way we could express the emotions we were having.

In the days following the attacks, we felt compelled to create something to help our family and community heal from the devastation. Together, we composed the song “An American Prayer” as a means of catharsis — and it truly conveyed the words we felt our community needed to hear.

Every year since then, we listen to the song together and reflect on the day that we will never forget. We call it a time capsule of our emotions.

Listen: tinyurl.com/AmericanPrayerSong.

Mindy & Bernie Katzman

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