A text that changed my mind


To the editor:

I wanted to share a text my daughter, Mya, sent me. Mya is currently a sophomore at Bard Academy, and a graduate of P.S. 81.

Here is the message she sent me after one of our many discussions on what was then the upcoming election that changed my perspective on the power of my vote:

“In reference to my comment earlier, I can apologize for making a wide analogy on a group of people. It was rude and I should have refrained from saying it.

“But I will not apologize for saying that a vote for Trump in the 2020 election shows the willful ignorance of some Americans in this country. It cannot be debated. It is true.

“This man has divided the parties within the parties. Just like what Republican Sen. Ben Sasse has said: ‘Donald Trump has made people scared of the Republican Party.’ He has offended people on both sides saying the most deplorable things.

“He is the President of the United States, but refuses to take any accountability for his actions. We have to put personal affiliation aside because, right now, we have a crybaby in office who lies daily.

“It honestly hurts me that a male with two young African American daughters can vote for a man that has said he would date his daughter, over-sexualizes women, and makes disgusting comments. It’s irritating that a man who is married to an African American in the work force supports a president that has said that maternity leave is an inconvenience to the work place. Has said that women should only get equal pay if they work hard. And has said that he will grab women by their private areas.

“It’s disgusting to support a man who refuses to make sure women of color are guaranteed good treatment when they have to go to the doctor.

“This election isn’t about a party anymore. This election is about a statement that you make. We cannot excuse the fact that Trump has made a space for ignorance.

“I will not excuse the facts that Trump has said laziness is a trait in Blacks, and he doesn’t want them counting his money. I will not excuse the fact that Trump calls the coronavirus the ‘Chinese plague’ and the ‘Kung Fu virus.’ I will not excuse the fact that Trump has allowed for discrimination against the LGBTQ community.

“The list goes on and on, and I will not apologize for saying that a vote for Trump is a vote for ignorance.”

Myra recently turned 16 and has a fond interest in politics and other social matters. It would be a great honor if you could give consideration to publishing her message to me that has greatly changed my perspective on my vote, and being a positive role model for my family.

Melvin Hunter

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Melvin Hunter,