And the ZIP code winner is ...


Who are your neighbors supporting in the upcoming presidential election? Depending on which neighborhood you live in, it’s either Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren.

With presidential candidates releasing their latest fundraising numbers to the public, apartment website RentHop collected those numbers and then took a hard look at which parts of New York City supported whom.

In the 10471 ZIP code, which covers primarily Riverdale, North Riverdale and Fieldston, Warren had the most support with nearly 20 people from that area giving money to the Massachusetts senator.

Yet, it was another senator from New Jersey, Corey Booker, who has raised the most money, picking up just under $17,000.

For those living in 10463 — Spuyten Duyvil, Kingsbridge and Marble Hill — Sanders boasts 27 different donors. Yet, it’s Warren besting the Vermont senator here as well with the most money raised — just over $8,000.

But Sanders does have something to cheer about citywide. He’s leading in 83 ZIPs compared to Donald Trump’s 82 when it comes to unique donors.

However, when it comes to money, it’s Trump leading the way with 66 ZIPs compared to Sanders’ 43.

Yet no one seems to be catching the real leader in the New York City fundraising race so far, according to RentHop: South Bend, Indiana, mayor Pete Buttigieg. As of the most recent quarter, he’s raised $2.5 million across the city, more than any other candidate.

Sanders still has far more unique donors citywide, however, leading the five boroughs with 3,606 unique donors, followed by 3,434 for Buttigieg, and 2,981 for Warren.

Trump does lead the Bronx overall in terms of unique donations, while Sanders had Brooklyn and Buttigieg Manhattan.