Be nicer to Eric


To the editor:

(re: “Look up: The sky is falling!” July 16)

In a clever analogy with the dinosaur age in your recent editorial, you discuss what is presently happening in the local Democratic Party. What we didn’t find clever, though, is your categorizing Eric Dinowitz’s candidacy to be elected to city council as Jeffrey Dinowitz’s “solidifying his legacy, including a push to have his son replace Andrew Cohen on the city council.”

This diminishes all that Eric has accomplished on his own through his many years as district leader, his chairmanship of Community Board 8’s aging committee, and his involvement with recent hearings about the proposed changes to Riverdale bus routes and schedules.

The fact that Eric Dinowitz’s father is a state Assemblyman should not be a reason to cynically suggest that Eric is not his own person. In fact, his years of commitment and dedication to our community — all the while working as a special education teacher — speak to his tireless energy and loyalty to the city council district.

Isaac Geld
Bonnie Geller-Geld

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