Beginning Monday, only use the back door on buses

For those buses with only a fare box up front, fares will be waived


Slipping onto a bus through the back door isn't just for fare-jumpers anymore.  Beginning Monday, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority wants any rider getting on a bus to use only the back doors. And if there's no way to pay going through that door, the fare is free.

The move, according to the MTA, is to protect drives from the spread of the coronavirus that causes COVID-19.

Fares will still be charged on Select buses, as well as express buses. However, on express buses, while riders will board from the front, they will not be permitted to sit in the first three rows. 

"While Gov. Cuomo has ordered non-essential workers beginning Sunday night to remain in their homes and not take mass transit, we are taking aggressive action to protect our thousands of frontline employees who are delivering a critical service to New York, moving the health care workers, first responders, utility workers and essential employees who are protecting us from this public health crisis," said Pat Foye, the MTA's chair and chief executive, in a release.  

"Transit workers are the lifeblood of ths city and region, and we are going to do eerything we can to protect their health and safety."

Customers with disabilities will still be able to board at the front of local and Select buses.

The policy will remain in effect until further notice.

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