Bronx students pay it back at college


Four students from this part of the Bronx who are studying at the New York Institute of Technology, finished their service-learning projects during the fall semester.

Service learning allows students to go out into their communities to use what they picked up in class during real-life scenarios. This year, students worked in New York City public schools teaching music theory and learning about student body language. They also worked on solutions to food waste and studied public transit.

Some of the local students who participated in the program this year include:

• Estiwar Delos Santos, a computer science major

• Maria Alexandra Neagoe, who is majoring in biology

• Masuru Muniru, who is undeclared in the College of Engineering and Computing Sciences

• Rachel Ilardi, a digital art major


Lehman wins Gates Foundation grant

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation awarded a $2.5 million grant to the American Association of State Colleges and Universities. And Lehman College — a member of the association — is looking forward to receiving a little bit of those funds.

Over the past few years, Lehman has introduced several new programs, including one that provides extra support to freshman students, boosting retention rates. A separate program, aimed at older students, increased graduation rates by 12 percent over five years.

The grant will allow Lehman, alongside four other member colleges, to focus on campus-level policy and program changes that focus on students, including engaging them in on-campus activities, raising grades, and improving four-year graduation rates.


St. Margaret kicks off read-a-thon

Jan. 17 marked the first day of the second annual Read-A-Thon at St. Margaret of Cortona School.

Last year, the school started the tradition of a reading push and fundraiser, with supporters donating money for minutes read by each student taking part.

The readers easily passed their first goal of reading a collective 4,000 minutes — more than 66 hours — raising more than $7,000.

This year, the fundraising goal is $5,000, complete with a treat for students: If they can reach their goal, they will make a second attempt at duct-taping their principal to a wall at the school.

Money raised will be used to purchase a new sound system and install new signs on the outside of the school building, according to the school’s website.

Kirstyn Brendlen,