Cabrera doesn't care about anarchy claims


Is New York City really an “anarchist jurisdiction”? And then again, what exactly does that mean?

The Trump administration labeled New York and a handful of other major American cities as “anarchist jurisdictions” last month, and Councilman Fernando Cabrera was not amused by the U.S. Department of Justice.

“Clearly, the DOJ doesn’t know the definition of ‘anarchy,’” said Cabrera, who is running to succeed Ruben Diaz Jr., as borough president. “An ‘anarchist jurisdiction’ is an oxymoron since the term ‘jurisdiction’ indicates order and proper government.

“New York is not in a state of anarchy. We have functioning state and local governments, laws are being enforced, and our strict public health guidelines have reduced once skyrocketing COVID-19 infections rates to 1 percent — a stark contrast to the Trump administration’s lack of leadership during this pandemic.”

Of course, since Cabrera made those comments, coronavirus infection rates have spiked up a bit, thanks to some pockets of concern in Brooklyn and Queens. 

Still, the councilman sees declarations such as these as nothing more than a distraction.

“In a time when our nation is being torn apart by disease, financial collapse and social division, threats and mean-spirited monikers only serve to weaken our country,” Cabrera said. 

”No effective or truly strong national leader seeks to weaken their own nation or its largest city.

“New York City stands strong today, and will continue to do so.”

Joining New York on that list are Portland and Seattle.