Car-sharing program may be on its way here

Zipcars are due to roll out in spring — if everything works out


Car-sharing may be coming to the northwest Bronx at locations near you in the spring.

Zipcar, a company that uses a smartphone app to allow people to share cars for minutes, hours or days at a time similar to bicycle and scooter services, is scheduled to be discussed at an upcoming Community Board 8 transportation committee meeting.

The program offers a cheaper alternative to car ownership and helps to reduce congestion on the streets, Vincent Barone department of transportation first deputy press secretary told The Riverdale Press.

The city’s transportation department launched a pilot program in June 2018 with Zipcar and Enterprise Carshare comprising 230 on-street spaces and 55 municipal parking facility spaces.

Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz believes if the program comes to the northwest Bronx it may be beneficial because residents would have fewer cars and rely on this program. However, if the agency eliminates many parking spaces, he would not find that acceptable.

“How many times do you see available spaces in a shopping center? they (DOT) should make a deal with them,” said Community Board 8 chair Laura Spalter.

The pilot program saw greenhouse gas emissions and vehicles miles travel decline by 7 percent. This became a success for the agency as they aim to achieve  environmentally responsible movements.

There is no set number of spaces in any community. Carsharing companies requested locations based off of siting criteria by the agency. Spaces must be non-meters, non-truck loading with alternate side parking no more than two times per week. Back-in parking spots are not allowed.

Zipcar offers discounts to NYCHA residents.

Community Board 8 highly recommends that residents join in for Thursday’s remote community board meeting at 7 p.m., with new traffic and transportation and committee chair Kelli Buford.