Chen-Hayes, why pick on Israel?


(Re: “End trauma and war violence,” Oct. 26)

To the Editor:

Stuart Chen-Hayes is gravely mistaken when he states in his letter that “The USA and Israel were both formed by the racist dispossession of indigenous people from their land.”

The USA yes ... But why did he add Israel when the exact opposite is true? Does he not know?

The “indigenous people” of Israel, were and are the Jews!

Palestine was the Jewish land for millennia. The Jews were called Palestinians.

The Jewish presence in Palestine predates the Arab population by thousands of years!

Even in more recent times, facts deny Chen-Hayes’ claim. Since the mid-1800s, official census records have shown that the Jews have been the majority in Jerusalem. Bethlehem, named by Jews “House of Bread” in Hebrew, was Jewish long before the Church of the Nativity was there, and desecrated by Arabs using it to store their weapons.

The Arabs declared themselves “Palestinians” in 1964…and not before!

From 1948 until 1967, Jordan occupied the lands where the Arabs lived. Why didn’t they create their own state then? Egypt controlled Gaza for decades, why didn’t the Arabs create a peaceful nation there?

As for that charming poster Chen-Hayes talks about, undoubtedly it was shown to him by a Jewish teacher because the Arabs refuse to acknowledge the state of Israel, to the extent they don’t show it on their maps.

The aim of the Arabs has always been to eradicate the Jews living in their midst.

They have started countless wars against the Jews, lost them all, but refuse to accept reality, hoping instead that lies will get them what they want.

To paraphrase Golda Meir, there will be peace when the Arabs love their children more than they hate the Jews ... (who were there first!)


Rhoda Aben-Aronson

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