Child friendly and fun dentist


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Creating good oral health care habits early on is extremely important and it's what we do best. At Riverdale Pediatric Dentistry, we create an environment that your child will want to be a part of. Our staff engages children of all ages to create a fun and meaningful experience.

We encourage each child and family to develop a daily oral health care routine. These healthy dental habits enable your child to focus on the things that are most important, like school, without missing time or being unable to focus on classes. Our advice is always age-specific and designed for maintaining healthy teeth into adulthood.

Our child-friendly office is designed to make each visit to the dentist a pleasant experience for both you and your child. From interesting décor and a fun waiting area to clear dental illustrations and great giveaways, we go to great lengths to show children that going to the dentist is a fun thing to do. We also treat patients with special health care needs.

In our compressive pediatric dental practice we share tips on: cavity prevention, maintaining a healthy diet, fun ways to encourage kids to take care of their teeth, and tips for parents. We use cutting-edge technology and a gentle touch to deliver cleanings, examinations, preventive care, radiographs, fillings, and sealants. We take our time with each child and treat them like one of our own.

Most importantly, we make sure that children leave our office with a bright smile and the skills to keep their teeth healthy and clean

Dr. Liraz Spear is a Board Certified Pediatric Dentist who lives in Riverdale. Dr. Spear graduated from Columbia University's School of Dental and Oral Surgery in 1998 and went on to specialty training in Pediatric Dentistry at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey (UMDNJ). Since then, she has been in private practice, as well as a member of the faculty at Columbia University. She has a passion for children and is currently married and raising two children of her own. Riverdale Pediatric Dentistry 611 W. 239th Street, Riverdale, NY 10463 718-725-8997