Curbside pickup now set for electronics


Small apartment buildings in the neighborhood can now schedule curbside pickup of unwanted electronics, part of an overall expansion of the program into the outer boroughs by the city’s sanitation department.

The current expansion includes all of the Bronx and select neighborhoods in Queens, and is available for anyone living in buildings with between one and nine units. Buildings with 10 or more units can enroll in an e-waste collection program that already exists for buildings of that size, officials said.

Appointments can be scheduled by calling 311, or visiting Pickups take place Monday through Friday, except city holidays, and anything meant for disposal must be placed at the curb.

Among items available for curbside pickup are televisions (including older ones with cathode ray tubes), computer peripherals, monitors and laptops, electronic keyboards, fax machines and document scanners, television peripherals, VCRs, DVRs, DVD players, and even small-scale computer servers, among other items.

Other mostly plastic and metal items like fans, toasters and vacuum cleaners can be placed with regular recycling.


Buy a bag, help community center

Every time someone spends $2.50 on a reusable bag at Stop & Shop on 5716 Broadway in October, the grocery store will donate $1 to the Riverdale Community Center.

The store’s community bag program was launched in May as a way to not only conserve the environment by limiting the use of disposable bags, but to give money back to the community as well.

RCC has been a part of the community for 40 years, continuing to offer a number of recreational programs for neighborhood youth.