Did chopper end up in chop shop?


Nearly everyone admires a motorcycle rider now and again — maybe they’re illegally riding between lanes in traffic and getting home nice and early, or they’re riding along a highway on a nice sunny day.

For one admirer, just watching wasn’t quite enough.

A 2015 Yamaha motorbike was reportedly stolen from the street across from 3636 Bailey Ave., police said, sometime between 1 and 4:25 a.m., on Sunday, Aug. 9.

There was no evidence of damage to the bike, and it wasn’t quite clear how the thief managed to ride away without a commotion.

To add insult to injury, a helmet, a jump starter, a cell phone power bank, bungee cords, a tire pressure reader and tire pump being stored on the bike also were taken. Altogether, police said, the victim said the stolen property was worth about $2,700.

There was no surveillance footage, but police are searching for the motorcycle and its illegitimate owner.


A nice car, if you can get it

A black 2014 Lexus was parked on the 5200 block of Sycamore Avenue for six days — well, it was supposed to be.

The owner parked the car on the evening of Aug. 4, police said, returning Aug. 10 to find it gone. There wasn’t a trace of the vehicle or the person who had driven it away, and no cameras caught the theft.

Without witnesses or footage, police don’t have a description of the driver — but if you see a black model ES 350 worth about $15,000, know that its true owner might be missing it.


Broken windows and aching wallets

When the owner of a 2019 Acura was returning to his vehicle two hours after parking it on the 3200 block of Oxford Avenue on Aug. 11, everything looked good. For a minute.

The car was still there, it wasn’t scratched or dented, and there was no reason to think anything was amiss.

Close up, though, the driver later told police he realized his front passenger-side window was broken.

Unless someone was just feeling destructive that day, they didn’t find what they were looking for inside the car, and nothing was stolen, according to a report. From inside the car, though, the owner will have to shell out for window repair.