Dinowitz, Cohen applaud MTA on W. 242nd elevator


The Metropolitan Transportation Authority says it will finally install elevators at the 1 train’s West 242nd Street elevated station, and two local electeds couldn’t be happier.

The MTA included elevators at this stop and 47 other stations as part of its five-year capital plan. The agency is expected to announced another 22 stations in the coming week.

“This announcement from the MTA is incredible news for people all over the northwest Bronx who rely on our transit system to get around,” Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz said, in a release. “I applaud their commitment to bring 70 stations citywide in compliance with” requirements set out by the Americans with Disabilities Act.

“It is particularly impactful for people with disabilities, new parents and others for whom climbing long staircases is an impediment to their free movement throughout the city.”

Councilman Andrew Cohen said the station at the very northern end of the city’s subway system “serves thousands of riders each day, and it is important that it is accessible to all.”

“I would like to thank all those who worked diligently to see this happen,” Cohen said, in a release.

Electeds and other transportation advocates have pushed for the installation of elevators at many of subway and Metro-North train stops throughout the city. On the Bronx section of the 1 train, only one elevator exists — at West 231st Street. But even with West 242nd upgraded with an elevator, those wishing to board the train at West 238th Street will have to continue climbing up stairs, at least in the near future.

The elevators are part of an overall $5.5 billion plan designed to ensure there are no more than two stops separating a subway rider from a needed elevators, according to the MTA.

West 242nd is one of four stations along the 1 line set to receive elevators and other accessibility enhancements. Others include Dyckman Street, 137th Street, 14th Street and 168th Street.

The Bronx will receive upgrades at five other stations as well, with the B and D subway station at Tremont Avenue part of an accelerated list to get elevators sooner rather than later.

The West 242nd Street station handled 2.3 million riders last year, according to MTA data, compared to 2.1 million riders the year before.

Down the street at West 231st, more than 3.1 million riders stepped onto the platform last year, compared to 2.8 million in 2013.