Don't forget to leave a tip


To the editor:

In these difficult economic times, as a result of COVID-19, it is especially important to patronize your neighborhood businesses. Do it not only on the annual Small Business Saturday, but every day of the year.

My wife and I don’t mind occasionally paying a little more to help our local businesses survive. Don’t forget your cook and server at your favorite neighborhood restaurant. We try to tip 20 percent against a total bill — including taxes — year-round.

In December, as a thank you for being there for us all year long — in good times, and in bad — we tip 25 percent against the total bill. Whenever it is an odd amount, we round up to the next dollar.

If we can afford to eat out, we can afford adding an extra dollar or two to the tip.

When ordering takeout, we always leave a dollar or two for the cook. It is appreciated.

Remember, these people are our neighbors. Our local entrepreneurs have continued the good fight to keep their existing staff and suppliers employed without layoffs and canceling product or supply orders. They continue to work long hours, pay taxes, and keep as many local neighbors employed as possible.

Many maintained the tradition of offering job opportunities to students during the summer. If we don’t patronize our local community stores and restaurants to shop and eat, they don’t eat either.

Stop by your favorite restaurant or store, and also drop off a box of candy or cookies as a show of appreciation. Something sweet takes the edge off the stress we all face.

Larry Penner

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Larry Penner,