Even Sonic the Hedgehog is from here in Riverdale


When the live-action film version of “Sonic the Hedgehog” opens this weekend, it might be hard to miss the little blue video game creature and his nemesis, comedian Jim Carrey. But if you listen close enough, you might hear someone straight out of Riverdale.

Ben Schwartz, best known for his roles in comedies like NBC’s “Parks and Recreation” and Showtime’s “House of Lies,” voices Sonic in the new Paramount Pictures film. Schwartz spent his teen years in Edgemont, but his childhood — which spanned the 1980s — was right here in Riverdale.

In fact, Schwartz shared some of what it was like growing up in Riverdale this week on comedian Marc Maron’s podcast, “WTF.”

“I learned from a young age that I can’t say, ‘Hey, I’m from the Bronx,’” Schwartz told Maron. “They say, ‘You’re not. You’re from the North Bronx, right near Westchester.’”

Maron, who is probably best known for his multiple appearances on David Letterman over the years as well as a starring role in the Netflix series “GLOW,” described Riverdale as “a pretty part of the Bronx.”

Schwartz’s parents grew up “poor” in Morris Heights, the actor said, where his dad eventually became a social worker who later turned his attention to real estate while his mom is a music teacher — a career she’s continued for 50 years.

Schwartz will return to live-action himself in front of the camera later this year in the Netflix series “Space Force,” which is set to star Steve Carell, John Malkovich, Diana Silvers and Tawny Newsome.


Seeking CB8’s most valuable merchant

Community Board 8 is looking for its neighborhood’s most valuable merchant for its inaugural award.

The winning merchant is someone who adds to the betterment of the community, according to a release, who inspires other businesses to follow their example.

Nominations can be sent to CB8 at 5676 Riverdale Ave., Suite 100, Bronx, N.Y., 10471, to the attention of Tania Ochoteco. Deadline for nominations is March 16 at 3 p.m.

Entries should include the type of business, which neighborhood it’s based in, the year the business was established, the history of the business, and a description and nature of the contribution made to the community.

The individual or organization submitting the nominations should also be identified, including their contact number.